Tacoma City Marathon 2011

TCM rocked! I pulled 3:38 which is a huge PR for me. My last chip timed marathon was 4:48 nearly one year ago! I just missed a BQ by 8 minutes so that gives me a goal for Seattle RNR! I placed 45th overall and 6th in my division. As I walked to the start of the race, I struck up a conversation with a couple other maniacs and guess what? It was #1 and #2, Steve and Chris! What a couple laid back guys! Steve even remembered my name and called out to me when he was taking photos along the race course. At the last 100 yards I got into a sprint race with a young lady maniac (#761 Ashley K.) and the spectators loved see us tear down to the final finish (she got me in the last few steps as I started to cramp up – hey, she’s half my age!). Definitely a maniac moment! This was the first race in my short racing history where I actually knew a few other racers including my manager who was running the marathon relay. That was great having my boss cheer me on at every relay point.


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