The Light at the End of the Tunnel 2014

Things don’t always go as planned and that can be a good thing sometimes. Two months ago I was planning a sub 4, maybe PR attempt. Two weeks ago I decided I would be happy with a 4 to 4.5 hour run. With the heat wave this weekend, I knew hitting sub 5 was going to be the goal. Last night while at a pre-race pizza party my wife started telling people I wouldn’t let her sign up for the race because I wanted to run fast (not entirely true, not entirely false). Well one of the gals there had injuries preventing her from using her bib and offered it to my wife who excitedly said ‘Yes!’ I only shook my head and said I would happily pace her. Now I wasn’t against her racing, I just knew the battle ahead. The course is down hill 26.2 but at a slight decline which wears on the quads. The course trail is also gravel and dusty, things she doesn’t like. And of course there is the 2.25 mile train tunnel we start through which gets very dark in the middle! She handled that better than I would have given her credit for actually. Finally minimal aid and facilities on a trail run. I would be packing water, carbs and gear for both of us in a hydration backpack instead of the single handheld bottle I planned on. We started last behind everyone but managed to pass a dozen or so runners by the finish. It was hot, dusty and mostly really fun running with my best friend in the world. But she says she won’t run this race again and now understands why I didn’t recommend it for her. Next year maybe I will go for that PR!


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